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This is what some of our clients and colleagues say about us:

Tim Alston
President/CEO, TRA Financial Enterprises

This has been a wonderfully inspiring and thought provoking program. Success is something that is achieved from within oneself and this program has been a tremendous help in teaching me a process to begin discovering those inner strengths and putting them to use in all areas of my life.

Victoria Scataglini, LMHC, CFLE
Founder Canvas Bag Program

I have been coached by Ingunn for the past four months. My experience with her has catapulted me in to a level of financial and personal success that I could not even imagine.

She helped me create a clearly defined life plan that was in line with my purpose and then helped me break it down into smaller achievable steps. Her guidance, wisdom and unconditional belief in my abilities allowed me to transform the vision of my small local business into a national one, in a very short time.

Donald Gross
President Wellington Rotary Club

Thank you for speaking to us about how we can control our thoughts. Working with positive ideas and keeping the negative ideas in the background is something we all can learn from. I appreciate the way you are able to blend these ideas together to create better business practices for our clients. Your passion for the subject comes through and I can enthusiastically recommend other groups to take advantage of the opportunity to have Ingunn come and speak.

Rolf Kristoffersen
VP Sales, Exact Real Estate

After receiving numerous recommendations from colleagues we decided to book a mini seminar with Ingunn for our branch managers from the different realtor offices. Ingunn is an inspiring speaker and spoke passionately about how leaving the comfort zone accelerates your business, even in challenging economical situation. The response after the seminar was fantastic. Great stuff and extremely useful! This is a must for any company looking for growth.

Ottar Jonasen
Cap Human AS

I am very happy and grateful of what I have learned from Ingunn and Jan Peter—the right way to think different. Through my own company,, I will use the knowledge to make positive changes in the world. Quantum Leaps Consulting helps you to get on the right track in your own life!

Angela Fredrich,
Owner Proactu

Ingunn has taught me how to set really BIG goals and how to keep myself energized and focused on my highest priorities. Learning to be aware of my thoughts and how to visualize has inspired me to go well beyond my “perceived” limitations

Frank-Jørgen Vangen, VP Marketing

It’s shocking that it took me around 40 years to discover the Stickperson, and finally get a clear picture of how the mind works. Ingunn & Jan Peter Aursnes have done an excellent job, and have introduced me to both to the Stickperson and the whole LifeSuccess curriculum. Their great teachings of Bob Proctor’s material have inspired me to new heights—both personal and in business. They’ve given me the ultimate self-improvement system. Thank You!! Follow their coachings, and change your life forever.”

Annette Martens
Vika Kunstskole

Ingunn, as a seminar coach, you have an incredible ability to engage, and your enthusiasm and presence in the material you teach is very inspiring. I realize I have used the same techniques for years without being aware of them and thereby, I have not managed to focus. The Goal Achiever seminar has helped me sort out and focus on what is really important for me. The potential was always there, but I lacked awareness. You have helped me raise my awareness. Thank you.

Margrethe Lied
President Skøyen Rotary Club

We had the pleasure of having Jan Peter Aursnes as a guest speaker at one of our meetings, speaking passionately about the topic “The Power of Your Mind”. We highly recommend Jan Peter Aursnes as a speaker, and find the topics he offers very fascinating.

Børge Jomaas
Explore Media

I have been a student in one of Mr. Jan Peter Aursnes’ mastermind groups and it has been a very special experience. During the autumn of 2007, I really got into “Think and Grow Rich”. Because of this, I now want to go further into the world of Bob Proctors’ studies. Thank you very much for a very nice group, Jan Peter. No doubt about it! You are a brilliant course leader.

Victoria Aase
Det Norske Teatret

The Goal Achiever has been very important for me. I really looked forward to and enjoyed every session. It has become almost an obsession. The Goals Achiever course is a phenomenal tool.

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